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The mission of the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is to foster equity and excellence for every learner through collaboration with educators, partners, and communities. As one of ODE’s partners, NWCC is providing technical assistance and support on high-leverage initiatives Oregon has identified, including:

Implementation and Oversight of the State Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Plan

NWCC is providing technical assistance to ODE to implement Oregon’s ESSA plan. Specifically, we are responding to ongoing requests for assistance as the department coordinates major policy and practice shifts in areas such as district and school improvement, high school success, educational equity, and standards-based instruction. NWCC is also providing in-depth coaching to key staff members to strengthen and sustain system alignment and coherence, as well as effective support to districts, to ensure local implementation results in improved systems and practices.

Leadership Development

NWCC is supporting the development of a framework for ODE leadership based on research, best practices, and experiences from other states. The framework will be used to design and deliver individual and collective leadership development training to directors—strengthening their capacity to support their staff members in their work and to collaborate across divisions.

American Indian and Alaska Native Education

Working with ODE and the Northwest’s four other state education agencies (SEAs), we build stakeholders’ capacity to meet the educational needs and support the strengths of Native students. We do this by facilitating a professional learning network among the SEAs’ Indian education coordinators so that they can share resources, promising practices, and lessons learned. In addition, we provide technical assistance to individual SEAs through state-level projects with regional impacts. For example, we have assisted ODE in the redevelopment and implementation of Oregon’s American Indian and Alaska Native education plan.

Promoting Rural Innovation and Student Engagement

In 2013, NWCC and our partners at Boston College created an educator network. The goal: Reduce isolation by connecting educators from some of the region’s most rural and remote districts. Today, the Northwest Rural Innovation and Student Engagement (NW RISE) Network convenes teachers and leaders from more than 30 districts in five Northwest states (including seven districts in Oregon), along with SEA staff members, to collectively improve student outcomes and engagement across the region.

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