New Resources for Supporting English Learner Students

Image with text: Teaching Newcomer English Language Learners

May 15, 2019

Teaching Newcomer English Learners: Four Powerful Vocabulary Practices

Newcomer English learner students must navigate new social structures, school systems, and cultural dynamics—while learning new content in English. One way schools can support them is by building teacher capacity to increase language development opportunities throughout the school day. This REL Northwest video takes viewers into a high school classroom to illustrate four proven ways teachers can help newcomer English learner students develop the academic vocabulary they need to succeed in school and beyond.

Promoting Success for Teachers of English Learners: A Coaching Tool

State education agencies, school districts, and teacher unions have increasingly turned to teacher evaluation models to identify high-leverage, evidence-based practices for teaching and learning. But what do these practices look like when serving English learner students? And although we know teacher evaluation models are helpful for teacher assessment, can they also be used as a coaching tool? These questions led to the creation of a coaching tool, coauthored by Education Northwest’s Tim Blackburn, that illustrates effective practices for teaching English learner students.

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