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SEA of the Future: Uncovering the Productivity Promise of Rural Education

The Building State Capacity and Productivity Center released the fourth volume of the SEA of the Future. In this volume, the authors illustrate how rural schools and districts are uniquely poised to contribute to these efforts. Like their urban counterparts, rural schools and districts are being asked to stretch their dollars further; but they are more likely to face limited economies of scale, difficult teacher labor markets, and inadequate access to time and money-saving technologies. And, while rural schools and districts educate millions of American students, they do so with less support and attention than their urban and suburban counterparts. As with urban districts, there are examples of rural districts and schools that are innovating how they deliver services to students, recruit teachers, use technology, and serve special populations. This volume details those efforts, provides potential solutions to challenges, and compels state leaders to keep the unique needs of rural education in mind when crafting policies that are often designed with urban and suburban districts in mind. The essays in this volume add to the scant information existing on rural education by discussing issues that are faced by all education systems but within the context of rural education.

May 2015