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Multiple Measures for College Readiness

The Education Commission of the States released a report reviewing the multiple measures to assess a student's college readiness, provides a deeper look at competency-based assessments, and offers policy considerations for state and system leaders.

Roughly one third of all U.S. high school graduates do not enroll in college soon after earning a diploma. There are many reasons why students do not do so, including work obligations, affordability concerns, and lack of academic preparation. Yet research suggests that many of these students often aspire to a college education. Helping these students turn aspiration into action is a policy priority for states. One important factor in successful transitions for high school to college is demonstration of college readiness—traditionally measured by course seat time. However, as one strategy to enhance student transitions from high school to college, statewide and systemwide admission policies are beginning to assess college readiness through multiple measures.

February 2015