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Framework for Effective Teaching: A Guidebook for Teachers and Administrators 2014–2015

Newark Public Schools and other districts have developed rubrics that clearly and simply convey the value of constructive and supportive feedback to teachers as a vehicle for professional development. Newark designed its framework based on five competencies:

  • Lesson design and focus
  • Rigor and inclusiveness
  • A culture of achievement
  • Student progress toward mastery
  • Commitment to personal and collective excellence

The framework sets clear, high expectations for teaching and provides an opportunity for teachers to get the feedback and support they need for professional growth. The guidebook sets standards for the observation/feedback process, offering rubrics that train observers (by example) in what to look for during an observation, how to collect evidence during the observation, and how to engage in meaningful dialogue with the teacher about the observations.

Tools include:
Examples of Feedback at Three Levels (Poor, Mediocre, and Exemplary). The district requires principals and school leaders to use this document to ensure they provide teachers with high-quality feedback to promote improvement in instructional practice.

Five Steps for Effective Feedback Delivery. This companion resource to the rubric above shares five steps (with examples) for principals and school leaders to follow to deliver feedback effectively.

High-Inference vs. Low-Inference Observations. This resource helps observers provide teachers with specific examples of instructional practices seen during classroom visits.