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Lead Turnaround Partners: How the Emerging Marketplace of Lead Turnaround Partners is Changing School Improvement

The Center on Innovation and Improvement released a report describing the use of Lead Turnaround Partners (LTPs) in the current School Improvement Grant (SIG) program and provides the results of document review, surveys, and interviews with eight State Education Agencies and seven Lead Turnaround Partner organizations. The study focuses on the implementation of the transformation and turnaround models under the SIG program during the 2010–2011 school year. The current marketplace of Lead Turnaround Partner (LTP) providers and the organizational structures of existing LTPs are explored. In addition, the communication strategies and the roles of various players involved in aspects of SIG implementation, including State Education Agencies (SEAs), Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and LTPs are discussed. Lessons learned and recommendations for improvement for each entity are summarized.