Northwest Regional Comprehensive Center

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Our Region

Since first being awarded the NWCC contract in 1996, we have developed strong collaborative relationships with our five states—bringing leading-edge research, innovative approaches, and high-quality technical assistance that supports and complements the important work of the SEAs.

NWCC Updates

Below is a sampling of NWCC projects that have provided capacity-building support to state education agencies (SEAs) during the past few months.


Facilitating the Northwest Rural Innovation and Student Engagement (NW RISE) Network

  • Organized and facilitated an all-network NW RISE convening of representatives from 22 rural districts from across the Northwest to collaborate in role-alike groups and present on their progress
  • Welcomed two new NW RISE members: South Lemhi School District in Idaho and Butte Falls School District in Oregon
  • Coordinated member-hosted webinars; job-alike group video conferences; and a meeting for the NW RISE steering committee
  • Gained national recognition in Batelle for Kids’ Generating Opportunity and Prosperity: The Promise of Rural Educational Collaboratives—a report describing the current landscape of rural collaborative initiatives and case studies from across the United States
  • Presented NW RISE lessons learned and promising practices during a national webinar hosted by the Equitable Access Support Network

Improving Education for American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Students

  • Convened SEA Indian education directors from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington with other states and regional comprehensive centers to look at ways to leverage the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) to foster meaningful consultation and effective working relationships with tribes
  • Participated in Community of Practice conference calls designed to help SEA Indian education directors connect and learn from each other
  • Helped develop an implementation survey for Washington state's Since Time Immemorial curriculum
  • Documented the progress and lessons learned from the Oregon AI/AN student identification task force
  • Cofacilitated a community meeting between the Burn Paiute Tribe and state agencies including the Oregon Department of Education, Chief Education Office, Higher Education Coordinating Commission, Youth Development Division, and Early Learning Division focused on the implementation of the AI/AN education state plan
  • Provided support in launching Native language immersion programs in Montana; facilitated an AI/AN task force to increase the level of Indian education integration into the Montana state education agency’s culture and work

Assisting the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development (DEED)

  • Continued to support the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) planning team by facilitating meetings, sharing ideas, and contributing resources
  • Helped gather resources, collect and process feedback from stakeholders, and review district practices as DEED works to revise current state requirements to align with new ESSA regulations
  • Developed an online tool to collect feedback from coaches in the State System of Support (SSoS); summarized responses in a report for DEED to review implementation of the SSoS coaching program and progress with school sites

Assisting the Idaho State Department of Education (ISDE)

  • Helped structure and facilitate meetings of five teams responsible for writing sections state consolidated Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan: Consultation and coordination, standards and assessments, accountability and school improvement, supporting excellent educators, and supporting all students
  • Created materials for ISDE to review as it looks at ways to improve the delivery of services to schools across the state, including a summary of regional service center structures detailing services, governance, and funding streams of various models used by other states
  • Reported on feedback from participants of an inaugural conference held specifically for middle level educators and focused on school improvement strategies
  • Continued to assist with educator effectiveness system reviews and related professional development webinars
  • Interviewed coordinators of state and federal programs that provide technical assistance or coaching to schools and districts; used information collected to develop reports that can help the state align resources and improve program coherence

Assisting the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI)

  • Reviewed findings from the Graduation Matters Montana (GMM) survey with OPI staff and provided consultation on ways to share the data with stakeholders
  • Facilitated a panel discussion on graduation coaching at the GMM Summit in June; conducted interviews with graduation coaches to inform an issue brief on how different districts are using graduation coaches to keep students on track to graduate
  • Continued work on a series of online professional development modules designed to deepen principals’ understanding of Montana’s mathematical practice standards
  • Collaborated with REL Northwest to provide OPI staff with assistance related to kindergarten readiness indicators

Assisting the Oregon Department of Education (ODE)

  • Supported the ODE Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) leadership group, with representatives from all offices and divisions across the agency, to develop a comprehensive state education plan that reflects Oregon’s values and priorities
  • Helped synthesize, analyze, and report the stakeholder feedback collected during Oregon’s 13 community forums on ESSA; helped create a timeline for writing the draft ESSA plan, disseminating for public comment, and gaining State Board approval
  • Aided in reviewing participant feedback on a half-year professional development course in formative assessment; facilitated discussions on lessons learned and next steps in providing professional development in formative assessment
  • Consulted on the design of data collection tools and a report describing the characteristics of schools that are achieving higher than expected academic outcomes
  • Planned and facilitated meetings of the Governor’s Council on Educator Advancement; helped the council summarize preliminary recommendations for submission to the governor

Assisting the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

  • Provided technical assistance as OSPI develops a practice guide designed to help districts assess and improve their dual credit systems
  • Continued to provide support to OSPI on implementation strategies related to the 2016 enactment of HB 1541 (aimed at closing the educational achievement gap), including building stakeholders' understanding of the new rules and guidelines
  • Shared new resources on revising student discipline policies to reduce disparities in exclusionary practices
  • Conducted a review of the research on effective teaching and presented a synthesis to inform the effective educator section of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) state plan
  • Worked with the OSPI Indian Education director to develop an implementation survey for the Since Time Immemorial curriculum