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Data-based Decision-Making

Now more than ever, states are able to access valid, reliable, and consistent data and research to inform educational decisions. The NWCC provides technical assistance to build Northwest states’ capacity to use data-based decision making to improve instructional practices, policies, and student outcomes, as well as to implement statewide longitudinal data systems.

The following resources related to this priority area have been compiled by NWCC staff.


SEA Strategic Communications: A Stakeholder Approach to Prioritize Communications Efforts

The Building State Capacity and Productivity Center released a brief addressing the question: How can you best use my limited communications resources to productively engage with the diverse and disparate stakeholder groups that include legislators, business leaders, and parents to support the...

Promoting Data in the Classroom: Innovative State Models and Missed Opportunities

New American Foundation released a report exploring the use of student achievement data to improve classroom instruction. The paper highlights examples from two states—Oregon and Delaware—of federally funded, state-driven efforts to equip teachers with the tools they need to utilize student data.

Managing Performance in the System of Support: Rubric with 52 Indicators, Explanations, and Exemplars

The Building State Capacity and Productivity (BSCP) Center released a report outlining a process for SEAs to evaluate and improve their System of Recognition, Accountability, and Support (SRAS).

Beyond the Numbers: Data Use for Continuous Improvement of Programs Serving Disconnected Youth

The American Youth Policy Forum has released a report highlighting a series of in-depth case studies to examine how three programs that serve a disconnected youth population are utilizing data as a tool for continuous program improvement and ongoing accountability.

Modernizing the State Education Agency: Different Paths Toward Performance Management

The Center on Reinventing Public Education released a report examining how eight SEAs engaged the charge of improving their lowest-performing schools.

Early Warning System Tool Source File Collators

The National High School Center released Source File Collators that are an ideal way to consolidate student data into a source file that can be easily imported into the Early Warning System (EWS) Middle Grades and High School Tools.

Creating a College and Career Readiness Accountability Model for High Schools

The National Governors Association released a report recommending that states consider the following principles when designing a college and career readiness accountability system for high schools:

Early Warning System Tools Help Keep Middle Grades and High School Students On Track to Graduate High School

The National High School Center released a new Early Warning System Middle Grades (EWS MG) Tool and an enhanced Early Warning System High School (EWS HS) Tool.

ED Data Express

The U.S. Department of Education's new ED Data Express website is designed to improve the public's ability to access and explore high-value, state-level education data collected by the U.S. Department of Education.

Use of Education Data at the Local Level: From Accountability to Instructional Improvement

The U.S. Department of Education recently published the results of a study examining the characteristics of data systems and their use at the classroom level.